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About Innerspring mattresses

Spring mattresses are the top selling sleep systems worldwide. The popularity of the spring-based sleeping system is due to its ability to adapt to body contours and maintain correct spinal position while we sleep. Spring Mattresses are increasingly being preferred over Coir Mattresses and PU Foam mattresses.
Different types of Spring Mattresses:

Though collectively classified as "Spring Mattresses" there are numerous construction methods which can be used to make a spring mattress. Among all varieties "Pocketed Spring" and "Bonnell Spring" are the most popular type of spring mattresses.

Pocketed spring:

Pocketed Spring mattresses are a newer and a more superior type of spring mattress.

In a Pocketed spring mattress the springs are wrapped inside an individual fabric case. Automated machines coil the wires and seal the coil inside the fabric encasement.

Pocket Spring cross section Once wrapped, these individual springs are attached to each other to maintain the shape of the mattress. Since only the fabric encasement is attached the coils inside can move independently of the springs adjacent to it.

Pocketed spring mattresses are superior to other mattress types due to "Zero motion transfer" .This means, you can make movements without causing the mattress to wiggle and jiggle. This lets you turn on your side without causing ripples of mattress movements or disturbing your partner.

Bonnell Spring:

Bonnel Spring is the oldest spring type technology and is currently widely used in the entry-level spring mattresses.

Bonnell springs are hourglass-shaped, and the ends of the wire are knotted or wrapped around the top and bottom circular portion of the coil and self-tied.

All the individual spring are then tied together using spring wire, and the completed structure is reinforced with a strong border wire to retain shape.

Pocketed Spring vs. Bonnell spring mattress:
  • Bonnell spring mattress owners often complain of the rigid border wire being felt. This happens when sufficient cushioning has not been used in the mattress. No border wire is used in Pocket Spring mattresses.
  • In a Bonnell spring mattress all the springs are tied together, what happens on one side of the mattress directly affects what happens on the other side. So when someone flops into bed, you can be jolted clear up off your side of the bed. In Pocket spring mattresses no motion-transfer takes place.
  • Bonnell spring mattress users also experiense what is called "the valley". Two people sleeping close to each other will create a valley that they both roll into, colliding in the middle. Also when sleeping close to the edge of the mattress, there is a risk of rolling-off the mattress if sufficient edge-support is not there. In a Pocketed spring mattress, the springs moved independently and movements on one part of the mattresses does not affect rest of the mattress.
To summarize, Bonnel-spring mattresses are best avoided. If your budget permits go in for a Pocketed-spring mattress, or you might be better off with a good quality Latex / Coir mattress.
Continuous Coils:

Continuous coils or Mira-coils is simply that, one continuous coil in an up and down fashion forming one row (usually from head to toe) of what appear to be individual coils.

The advantage is a firm mattress like a bonnell spring, but with no motion transfer (since the springs are formed from head-to-toe and not along the breadth like a bonnell spring).

Continuous coil mattresses are not available in India currently, and bonnell spring and pocketed spring mattresses are the only options.

Do Spring Mattresses cause Back problems?
  • Most customers have a preconceived notion that “Spring Mattresses cause back problems”, which is FALSE. Spring mattresses offer a relatively softer comfort which may not suit some, but in no way cause back problems.
  • In case of side sleepers spring mattresses offer the necessary "give-in" at the shoulder and hip portions which allow them the sink in and maintain the right back posture.
  • Even in case of flat / back sleepers, since their weight is spread across the mattress doesnt "give-in" as much, and maintains the ideal position of the spine.
  • Spring Mattresses are an ideal option for customers looking at softer comfort since they are durable and at at the same time offer the right back support. In case you prefer a firmer sleeping surface, spring mattresses might not be right for you.
Advantages of Innerspring Mattresses:
  • Supports the Back: The single most advantage of Innerspring mattresses is its ability to maintain our body contour while we sleep.
  • Durability: Spring mattresses when properly constructed can offer the same comfort for years together. Deterioration in comfort is among the lowest in spring mattresses when compared to Rubberized coir and Foam mattresses.
  • Less sleeping hot: By design, spring mattress allow easy ventilation of our body heat. unlike some other types of mattresses, especially memory foam and PU foam mattresses