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About Natural Latex Mattress

Natural Latex Foam

Natural Latex Foam is more and more being recognized as a better sleeping surface than most of the other alternatives available in the market today. It is a completely natural mattress option, since its core ingredient is latex sap extracted from the rubber tree. Though there are other natural options as well, like cotton mattresses and coir mattresses, none of them have the same buoyant and elastic characteristics that a latex mattress has. Further most cotton mattresses pack down over time and get much firmer.


Latex mattresses can be manufactured using two different processes, the more popular dunlop process and the more technologically advanced talalay process.

Dunlop Process: Liquid Latex is poured into a needle die, and heated to upto 120°C. This heating process is called vulcanization. The latex sheet after being removed from the die is extensively washed to remove impurities and dried to remove all the water. Most latex mattresses are made using the dunlop process.

Talalay Process: One drawback of the dunlop process is that the "baking" process results in air bubbles being formed inside the finished latex sheet. The talalay process involves an additional flash freeze step which suspends smaller air bubbles in the mold immediately before it is rapidly heated to solidify the latex, resulting in a slightly softer, less supportive feel.

Comfort wise, you probably might not even know the difference between the dunlop latex and the talalay latex unless you buy some really expensive testing equipment. Further being a more advanced process, Talalay Latex tends to be more expensive and is currently manufactured only by two manunfacturers in the USA.

Dunlop Latex is the more popular type and atleast with respect to availability in India. We have mattresses available in both the options. Irrespective of the type of latex mattress you choose, Dunlop or Talalay, buying a Latex mattress will probably be one of the best decisions you make. The advantages of the latex mattress far outweigh that of any other mattress type.

Advantages of Latex Mattress
  • Latex mattresses are 100% Natural, so while the other foam based mattresses have complaints on gassing, latex is a healthy and a safe sleeping surface.
  • Latex reduces pressure points while sleeping particularly at the shoulders and hips, and it allows for better circulation with less tossing and turning. The result is a deeper, more restful slumber.
  • For those who struggle with allergies, natural latex provides a safe haven as it is naturally hypoallergenic, and anti-microbial.
  • Durability: Natural latex mattresses have been known to be last for over 50 years.
Quality Aspects to look for:

Latex Mattresses are made in two specific designs, the pencil-core (or the medium core) and the pin-core variety. The difference is the volume of latex varies, the pricing varies accordingly. Entry level latex mattresses are pencil-core mattresses and the higher end ones are of the pin-core variety.

While the difference between the pin-core and the pencil-core is a visible one and can be easily determined, another important aspect is the grade and quality of the latex used in making the mattress. The comfort and longevity of the latex mattress is directly affected by the type of latex used.

We sell only the best quality latex mattresses. Even our entry level "Pioneer Latex Ultra" mattresses are 100% pincore mattresses can come with a unique 5-years guarantee.

Mattress Care:

Latex mattresses are overall a very good mattress option. But to use them to their fullest, some basic care needs to be exercised. Being a natural product, it gets damaged when exposed to sunlight. This is due the oxidation of the latex when exposed to UV rays in sunlight. Also avoid water spillages on the latex mattress, since liquids accelerates the oxidation process.

Also when moving or handling the mattress ensure it is well packed, so as to avoid being torn in the edges.