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About Polyurethane foam mattresses

Polyurethane Foam
What is Polyurethane Foam?
Polyurethane Foam (or PU Foam) is manufactured using synthetic materials, and literally baked to form the finished foam. Its core advantage over other materials is its low cost of manufacture, which has helped it become the standard choice in the furniture and the automobile industry. Its inherent (tightly walled like bee-hive) structure allows its cell walls to compress and decompress giving the required softness and cushioning
How does it compare with other mattress types?
Standardized Quality: PU foam mattresses are made in a controlled environment, enabling standardized quality and allowing customers to choose the firmness level they desire. Multiple Options: PU Foam can be manufactured in different densities and different firmness options. This gives the flexibility to manufacture exactly to the customers comfort needs Non-Allergic: PU foam is essentially a form of plastic, it is inert and hypoallergic Price: PU foam mattresses offer good value for money, considering its durability vs. price Light Weight: In comparison to the other mattress options, PU Foam mattress' are lighter in weight and easier to handle Ease of Storage: PU Foam is an ideal choice when shopping for spare mattresses to accommodate guests at home since it can be easily folded and stored when not in use.
Sleeping Warm: PU Foam by design has minute cell walls (similar to a bee-hive structure) which compress and decompress to provide the necessary softness. This being a closed-cell structure, does not allow the mattress to breathe (i.e air doesnt pass through) due to which the mattress does'nt ventilate as easily as a latex / coir mattress, creating a warmer sleeping surface.
Low Density = Low Durability: Since PU Foam is manufactured in multiple densities, it is important to buy only higher density mattresses i.e 32 Density kg / m3 or 40 Density kg / m3. Lower density foams deteriorate very easily and results in loss of comfort.
Quality aspects to look for:
Density: As a thumbrule the greater the density, more durable the mattress will be. It is recommended to buy only 32D / 40D / Rebonded Foams (80D)
Purity: Different purity levels are used in manufacturing the foam. While the purity level is something most manufacturers dont disclose, you can easily detect the difference in purity between the same densities by feeling the foam. Purer foam will be more resilient compared to the filler-filled foam.