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About Rubberized Coir mattress

Rubberized Coir
What is Rubberized Coir?
Rubberized Coir mattresses are manufactured by processing coconut coir fibre with latex solution. While coir (coconut fibre) by itself does not have any resilience, once processed with latex solution, the coir sheets get resilience and ability to conform to our body shape. On a relative scale Rubberized Coir feels much firmer compared to the other alternatives including Latex and Memory foam.
When initially developed its usage was restricted to car seats as an insulation material, but currently it is used in mattresses and furniture.
Hows does it compare with other mattress types?
Rubberized Coir is a natural fiber and is relatively airier in design. This helps air to circulate well inside the mattress and maintains a relatively cool sleeping temperature. Also, Coir is a naturally a hygroscopic material and hence is absorbs moisture from the air. It generally retains 8 to 10% moisture. This also gives the cool sensation in the coir mattress.
However to maintain the cool temperature, the mattress must be designed to allow sleeping directly on the coir, with very little foam underneath, only this helps feel the relative coolness of the coir. Some manufactures pad up the rubberized coir with thick foams, which defeats the purpose of the rubberized coir itself.
    • Rubberized Coir has a tendency to sag easily which results in lower useful life in comparison to other mattress types
    • Being a natural material, care must be taken not to wet the mattress in any way since it results in permanent damage to the mattress. In case you have younger children this needs to be considered.
Quality aspects to consider:
Latex Content:
The quality of the rubberized coir is dependent on its Latex content. Latex provides the resilience to the coir, and with a higher latex content the resilience is better. Higher latex content makes the coir last longer, and prevents it from sagging. 25% - 30% DRC (dry rubber content) is considered the industry best.
Coir Density:
Coir mattresses are made by compressing loose coir fiber. Higher the coir used in making the mattress, the more durable it is. 100 Density kg / m3 (6.2 lbs / ft3) is considered the Industry best quality for use in mattresses
Mattress Construction:
Rubberized Coir mattresses sleep cooler only if you sleep as close to it. In case there are multiple layers of foam on top of the mattress, you will not feel the cooling effect of the coir, and you could as well sleep on a mattress without coir.
Common issues with Coir-Mattresses are:
Durability / Sagging:
Coir mattresses are inherently prone to sagging. It is a only a matter of time that even the best mattresses succumb to it. This is due to the low-latex content in the coir sheets. Over the years manufacturers have resorted to reducing the latex content in the coir to keep up with the costs. Even the best coir mattresses dont last more that 5 years before sagging develops.
Firm support
Coir mattresses as a category are very firm, and offer very little cushioning. Side sleepers using this mattress are very likely to end up waking with sore shoulders and hips.