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Bedding Accessories

Accessories can help enhance your sleeping experience, and improve durability of your mattress. We have listed down some of the popular accessories you can use.
Mattress Toppers:
Mattress toppers help fine-tune the comfort experience from your mattress. They are available in a wide range of materials with different comfort options.
Memory Foam topper:
  • Uses memory foam. Memory foam was originally developed by NASA is widely used in bedding due to its unique property of reducing pressure points.
  • Ideal for customers who want to first try out the comfort of memory foam before investing in a complete memory foam mattress
  • Enhances the comfort of the existing mattress by giving additional cushioning
  • Available in 2inch thickness
Latex Foam topper:
  • Uses 100% Natural Latex foam made from Dunlop process.
  • Natural Latex is considered one of the most durable and chemical free sleeping surface, and is increasing preferred by customer looking at natural sleeping options.
  • It offers a relatively firmer support and is recommended for customers looking at improved cushioning
  • Available in 2 inch thickness
Convoluted foam topper:
  • Convoluted foam or egg-crate foam is made from cutting regular PU foam to form the egg crate design
  • Compared to regular PU Foam, egg-crate foam reduces pressure points since its has up to 80% lesser surface area compared to ordinary PU foam sheets
  • Also, the gaps in the PU foam allow air to ventilate the mattress and help sleep cooler
  • It is recommended for customers suffering from pressure sores.
Micro fiber topper:
  • Micro fiber uses soft micro-fiber filling in the topper.
  • Being very soft it gives a warm cuddling feeling on the mattress, and is a must have accessory for the winter months.
  • Being a synthetic fiber, it is easier to wash and relatively easier to maintain.
Mattress Protector:
A mattress-protector is a must have accessory with any mattress. Common causes of the mattress getting dirty are:
  • Body sweat / perspiration
  • Dust accumulation on the mattress
  • Bedwetting accidents in case of younger children or the elderly.
  • Other types of liquid spillages tend to damage the mattress irreparably.

A mattress protector acts as a barrier preventing any liquids / dust from seeping through, while at the same time allowing the mattress to breathe thereby keeping it cooler. Also since they are machine washable they are very easy to clean and can be used year after year.


Pillows play a very important role in supporting the neck, and providing optimum sleeping comfort. A wide range of pillows are available:

  • Fiber Pillows
  • Micro-Fiber Pillows
  • PU Foam Pillows
  • Memory Foam Pillows
  • Natural Latex Foam Pillows