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Price match guarantee

Price Match Guarantee
We are committed to making sure that Universal Mattress offers you the best deal for all your purchases. To honor this commitment, we have introduced our price match guarantee policy, where we will refund the difference if you find a better price elsewhere. (online and offline).
If you find a better price elsewhere (either before or after purchase), please follow the procedure mentioned below:
  • Send an email to or call us on 098841 77249 with the details of the store (both online and offline), where you found a better deal
  • If we find that the claim is genuine, we will immediately issue you with a discount code for you to place an order or refund the difference (if you have already placed an order)
  • We will offer you a total discount of 110% of the difference in the price between our quote and the lower quote you received. For example if you have purchased a mattress from us for Rs.15,000 and have received an alternate quote for the same mattress for Rs.14,200 (Rs.800 lower) we will refund you a difference of Rs.880 (110% of the difference i.e Rs.800).
Other Terms & Conditions
  • Total price (including shipping, taxes and any other charges) will be considered for the sake of comparison.
  • Prices should be mentioned in Rs. This offer is applicable to reputed Indian retailers only (both online and offline)
  • Price quotes taken up to 5 days before purchase or 10 days after the purchase will only be considered for the price match guarantee.
  • Before we accept your request, we must be satisfied that the products are identical (including any freebies etc.,) and the product that you found on other reliable website was available to order on that website (including delivery to your pin code)
  • The Price Match Guarantee will not apply if the cheaper offer on the other website is obtained via a limited time promotion, promo code, cash back, coupon, voucher or member's discount
  • When assessing your request, we will only compare total prices (including taxes, handling, delivery and any other charges)
  • We reserve the right to change or withdraw the Price Match Guarantee at any time