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Pioneer Coir Plus - 4 inches

Pioneer Coir Plus - 4 inches

  • Core: Rubberized coir
  • Cushioning: PU foam
  • Firmness: Extra firm

  • 1 year warranty
  • Bed Type
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    About Pioneer

    Pioneer mattresses incorporate years of sleep-related research to offer customers truly world-class sleep products. With their wide range mattresses, their products cater to the unique needs of every customer. Pioneer offers products starting from the basic coir range to the high-end luxury memory foam mattresses.

    Duroflex Coir Plus - 4 inches

    Pioneer Coir Plus uses 80 density (kg / m3) Rubberized Coir supported by 1 inch high-density Orthopedic Bonded foam. Since it is topped with orthopedic bonded foam it is less prone to sagging compared to regular coir mattresses. It is ideal for customers looking for mid-segment rubberized coir mattresses

    icon firm top mattress Finish: Firm Top
    icon rubberized coir mattress Core: Rubberized Coir
    Detailed Features:
    • High-Density Coir (BEST-IN-CLASS): Pioneer Coir Plus uses 80 Density (kg / m3) rubberized coir which is the recommended standard for back support and durability.
    • High Latex content(BEST-IN-CLASS):Durability of rubberized coir is a factor of its latex content. High latex content ensures the mattress remains resilient and does not sag easily with time. Pioneer mattresses come with tested content of 25% Dry Rubber Content (DRC) which is considered the industry best.
    • Orthopedic support: 1 inch orthopedic bonded foam enhances the life of the rubberized coir as well as offers good support to the back.
    • Dual-side quilting: Pioneer Coir Plus uses double-side quilting which allows the user to use the mattress on both sides
    • Summer / Winter use: Rubberized coir mattress are very popular due to their unique ability to absorb moisture. It is considered to be one of the worlds best hygroscopic material. Due to this ability it ensures the mattress is relatively cooler and is ideal for the hot summer months.
    icon firm comfort mattress Provides firm comfort.
    icon back sleep mattress Good for back sleepers
    icon stomach sleep mattress Good for stomach sleepers
    icon orthopedic mattress Recommended by Orthopedic doctors
    icon temperature cooler mattress Maintains relatively cooler temperature.
    icon 2 year warranty mattress Good product - 2 years warranty.