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Pioneer Latex Ultra - 6 inches

Pioneer Latex Ultra - 6 inches

  • Core: Natural latex
  • Cushioning: Natural Latex
  • Firmness: Medium

  • 5 years warranty
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    About Pioneer

    Pioneer mattresses incorporate the years of sleep-related research to offer customers truly world-class sleep products. With their wide range mattresses their products cater to the unique needs of customers. Pioneer offers product starting from the basic coir range to the high-end luxury memory foam mattresses

    Pioneer Latex Ultra - 6 inches

    Pioneer Latex Ultra is a 100% natural latex mattress. It is available in 4 inches as well as 6 inches thickness. It uses pincore latex foam which has been moulded into shape using thousands of small open cell holes. These open cell holes of 6mm diameter act like micro-springs and mould perfectly to the body. Further due to it open-cell design, the latex sheets do not trap heat in any way and are relatively cooler compared to synthetic foams. Pioneer Latex ultra has two layers of upholstery, with the inner layer made from 100% cotton fabric and outer cover from imported belgium knitted fabric.

    icon natural latex mattress Core: Natural Latex
    icon firm top mattress Finish: Firm Top
    Cross Section
    Pioneer Latex Ultra- 6 inches - mattress - india - cross section
    Detailed Features:
    • Truly Natural: Natural Latex is a eco-friendly option among different mattress types (you can read more in our “Mattress Buying Guide”). It is free from chemicals, does not leech any harmful gasses and is easily biodegradable compared to other alternatives.
    • Dunlop process: Pioneer Latex Ultra has been manufactured using the Dunlop process which is is the most commonly used process in Latex mattress manufacturing worldwide. It uses minimal chemicals and results in durable and a more firmer feel mattress.
    • Inner Cotton layer: The latex core is fully encased in a 100% cotton layer which ensures better durability for the latex mattress.
    • Premium Upholstery (BEST-IN-CLASS): Premium international quality knitted upholstery is used in the mattress which offers a soft feel to the mattress while allowing the body to freely conform to the memory foam.
    • Durability: Latex mattresses do not have any moving parts and tend to last longer compared to spring-based mattresses. Further since there is very little loss of comfort over the period of time, it can be used over longer periods extending over 10 years.
    • Carbon Footprint: Latex mattresses have the least amount of carbon footprint among the different mattress types. Latex mattresses on average last much longer than regular mattresses, and at the end of their useful life, when they enter the landfill, they break down very easily into powdery natural residue, occupying very little space and also not harming the environment in any way.
    icon medium comfort mattress Provides medium comfort.
    icon back sleep mattress Good for back sleepers
    icon stomach sleep mattress Good for stomach sleepers
    icon side sleeper mattress Good for side sleepers.
    icon cotton cover mattress Uses natural cotton based cover.
    icon temperature cooler mattress Maintains relatively cooler temperature.
    icon 5 year warranty mattress Durable product - 5 years warranty.